Dr. Mark Knoefel was born in St. Bruno Quebec, a suburb of Montreal. He obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from McGill University in 1995, where he obtained the special distinction of making the Deans Honor List. He spent the following year completing a multidisciplinary residency with an emphasis on Pediatric Dentistry at the Montreal Children's Hospital. The year 1996 saw him moving to Edmonton to obtain his specialty degree (Masters of Science in Orthodontics) at the University of Alberta, which he completed in the spring of 1999. His vision for Oasis Orthodontics is to provide the safest, most effective and efficient orthodontic treatment available today. Together with his team, he accomplishes this objective by performing a thorough diagnosis, creating a customized, detailed treatment plan for each patient, and ensuring that progress check points occur regularly throughout treatment. Dr.Knoefel uses highly accurate3D virtual simulations not only to develop his treatment plans, but also to better explain objectives of treatment to his patients, and educate them through out their orthodontic experience. He has a passion for studying languages, as he can speak, read and write English, French and German fluently and has taken courses in Spanish, Japanese and Swedish. He enjoys greeting patients in their native language- and he loves being taught phrases in new languages. In his spare time, along side his wife Line, they raise their three boys and one beautiful girl. They are always on the go busy with extra curricular activities with their children.